Couples Counseling:

Sometimes it's hard to believe that your relationship can improve when you and your partner find yourselves in the same type of arguments and patterns, time and time again.  It can feel extremely painful and hopeless at times.  Couples counseling is geared towards providing wholeness and lasting change in the relationship.  I work with couples in a focused approach to resolve differences and find new ways of connecting with each other.

Common areas addressed: Communication problems, marital distress and anger, trust issues, life transitions, infidelity, and physical intimacy issues.

Men's Issues:

It can be hard to acknowledge and ask for help in the challenging areas of our lives, especially for men due to social expectations and pressures.  It’s important for men when seeking counseling that they feel comfortable and that their therapist can relate and provide the real help they need.  I work with many men struggling with often difficult or shameful areas and look to provide wholeness and restoration in these areas of their life. 

Common issues addressed: Anger, substance abuse, porn addiction, sex, anxiety and shame, and relationship problems.

Children and Adolescents (male): 

In working with children and adolescents, finding a good fit between client and therapist is critical.  Sometimes male children and adolescents feel more comfortable with a male therapist, and that's where I hope to come in and provide a safe place where children and adolescents can be themselves and work through the difficult areas in their life.  Much of the work with children and adolescents is focused on helping them communicate and process their feelings that they are unable to express to others.  This is done through play therapy, role-playing exercises, problem solving, art, and other therapeutic exercises that allow for children and adolescents to build their own sense of self and communicate effectively.  

Common areas addressed: Depression and/or anxiety, isolating from others, having trouble in school, dealing with anger, substance abuse, excessive online use and video games, and acting out behavior.

Children & Teenagers:

My work with children & adolescents is focused on helping them communicate and process their feelings that they are unable to express to others.  Often children and teenagers don't know how to communicate the difficult areas of their life which can cause anxiety, depression, and conflict.  My approach to therapy is relational and strengths based, where children & adolescents can build their sense of self and find relief from their frustrations and hurt.

Common issues addressed: Anxiety, depression, parent-child conflict, addiction, social isolation, and school problems.