Anxiety Therapy in Pasadena and Downtown Los Angeles


Anxiety is debilitating and stifling.  It chokes the enjoyment out of our lives so that we are constantly worrying about what's next or what can go wrong.  I work with people struggling to get out of their heads and into their true selves.  Together we'll uncover the underlying emotions driving your anxiety so that you can experience more connection and freedom in your life.

Common areas addressed: Frequent worry and stress, social anxiety, depression, career uncertainty, relationship stress, and OCD.


Marriage counseling in Arroyo Grande and SLO San Luis Obispo SLO and Arroyo Grande

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is geared towards resolving differences and finding connection.  Couples get entrenched in patterns where the same small disagreements they always have lead to heated arguments that bring pain and disconnection.  In a focused approach, I help couples resolve these differences and connect in new ways that bring about lasting change and intimacy.

Common areas addressed: Communication problems, anger and frustration, pre-marital counseling, life transitions, infidelity, and physical intimacy issues.

Therapy for Men in Pasadena and Downtown Los Angeles

Men's Issues

It can be hard for men to acknowledge and ask for help due to the social expectations of our culture.  It’s important for men when seeking counseling that they feel comfortable and know that their therapist can provide the real help they need.  I work with men struggling with the difficult or shameful areas of their lives and look to provide wholeness and restoration in these areas.

Common issues addressed: Anger and anxiety, co-dependency, porn and sex addiction, guilt and shame, and relationship problems.

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