Approach to Therapy:

Therapy is built upon the trust and quality of relationship that is developed between patient and therapist.  If a patient feels safe and understood, they can begin to look inward toward their lives and be open to the possibilities of change.  The utmost importance to me as therapist is making sure my patients feel safe and respected, and that they get the highest quality of therapeutic care.

My approach to therapy is grounded in Psychodynamic and Emotionally Focused Therapy.  I work with patients to bring insight and awareness to the areas in their life that need to be addressed in order for change and growth to occur.  People experience many disappointments and damaging relationships in their life, and these experiences need to be processed in therapy so that people can feel connected and free to move forward.  I work with my patients to identify these problem areas and see how they affect the patient, process these difficult experiences and emotions in a focused way, and then look to experience new ways of connecting and relating to others.

Above all, I want my patients to feel understood and connected in therapy, free to be themselves and live authentically away from the areas they feel hold them back.